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Keski set

Keski set was developed specially for Hege Ingebrigtsen, dedicated to mid-distance mushers.

Sections are measured so that dogs have space to run but they are shorter than Wakev set sections.

Wheel section is longer than team sections to move wheel dogs away from sled / rig.  

Shipping out can take up to 2 weeks!

Main line : 6mm and 8mm.

Color : Red/Silver color only.

Tuglines : 5mm

Color : Blue or Red

Necklines : 4mm

Color : Blue, red . When ordered with 100% Duralan necklines color is Silver.

• Up to 14 dogs
• Mainline and tuglines 100% polyester
• Necklines made of 100% Duralan or with PES cover

• Wheel tuglines - 1250mm

• Team tuglines - 900mm
• Necklines - 360mm

Price doesn't include snaps!!