Lumac Mono

Lumac launched line for one dog activities
The line of lines, line that will make many others old school!
Lumac Mono for skijoring, bikejoring , one dog scooter and snowshoeing !

3-in-1 line

WHEN YOU JUST NEED MORE SPACE, it easily connects to all equipment with its integrated adapter sling that has several different hooking points. Very handy when you use one line for several different activities !

Offering TWO DIFFERENT resistance shock absorbers in one line - meaning it works for big variety of dog sizes and dampening all the shocks.

When at rest - 1,45-1,75m
Fully stretched - 2,78-3,08m
About 150gr without snap
For dogs from 15 to 30kg (motivated sled dogs)
Comes in our new "chic" black and gray webbing.
* More info coming soon / dimensions have tolerance.

Helium S

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