Lumac story of Sweden - Estonia - France

Indrek - > Estonian
Marion- > French

Indrek started  Lumac in Swedish Lapland, where developed a need for seriously modified brake teeth for big tourist sleds. So in February 2017 , the first brake teeth prototypes were made for testing. The tester was of course Marion, his living partner. As they were working as sled dog guides it was very easy to test the prototypes. CAD drawing was Indrek's previous occupation so it was easy to draw what ever needed. Already earlier, in Estonia, Indrek had interest towards creating snow hooks, so that was the next logical step. To actually make one. He drew some hooks and made them, testing was conducted at work when ever he and Marion had free time. Also all of their colleagues and friends who are professional dog drivers helped in the process of refining the products. . That turned out a success.  After finishing their work in Lapland, Indrek and Marion moved to France and continue to produce some of the freshest and best performing equipment for working/sporting dogs and mushing. Products are produced in Estonia/Czech Republic and developed/designed in Jura,France.

We want to make the best possible product and offer it with a fair pricing. For every situation a specific product. Aimed to do its work best possible way and offering an great user experience.