At Lumac the driving force is how to make something great, beautiful that has some fresh features and has a fair price.
Maybe one could even say it is curiosity to explore new options but still keep the product accessible.
When a product development start, we dont think about the product end price - but it has to be fair!

We are in contact with many people, so the process of creation starts usually with some problem. When we have identified some problem, we try to analyze if we can make something that solves it. Its not always that straight forward and can be a very long process. Many thoughts sit on our to-do list for a year, until we find the materials, technology or idea to start creating a product.

Usually we do not count the time that takes the idea to mature. Or the first drawings or sketches. 
We can say, that from the time we order materials, develop the manufacturing process and until testing, it takes roughly 3-6 months. After that we try to test the product as long as possible - if successful then no less than 6 months. If the item needs tweaks, it can take up to 1,5 years( 2 winters) of testing and changing. 
NOTHING can replace time ! Sometimes the test of time is the ultimate test !

Searching of materials can be one of the most complex parts of the creation process. Those raw materials will define the product and if we do not find the right materials, the whole process can stop. Most of our products are made from materials that we source from European manufacturers. Many carrying labels like Oekotech and Blue Sign. Through that we try to have sustainable products with lower eco footprint. Also via our European partners, we can be sure that our raw materials maintain their quality over time. Meaning that our product properties will not change without notice. From day to day, from year to year.