To give your products longest possible life time, you need to care for them!

Our main product, anchors, need relatively small care but a layer of new paint does not hurt them after the season. This keeps the material and weld protected. If there is need to sharpen the anchor spikes, it is better to do from the back side of the spike. So the tip geometry does not change.

For fiber products, like anchor lines, Wakev and Keski set - washing or rinsing is a good idea. The sand and dirt collected from training/racing can abrade the rope fibers, weakening it.
Also time to time, it is good to take the sections apart, so the connection loop fibers can stretch out. This is not an critical point though!
After 5 years of use, the fiber products will weaken with UV and wear, so careful inspection is suggested.

Our Trainline mainline does not require any special care but one thing to point out : DO NOT twist it around the sled handle bar. When wrapping the line together, use nice generously big loops, not kinking the wire. When ever the wire is bent beyond some point, it will deform and that makes the wire weaker!
Suggested use time is up to 3 years.