1. When a customer wishes to purchase a product from our web shop, she/he needs to navigate to the right product. 

2. After reading the information about the product and being sure that they have chosen the good product, it can be added to the shopping cart.

3. On some items there are options - like color or length. Those options need to be selected before adding the product to the cart.

4. When pressing the ADD TO CART button , you will see a window popping up on the top side of the browser window - named Check Out.

5. When customer wants to pay for the products, he/she has to press Check Out button. After pressing a pop-up window will apare with the info about the product(s). Including VAT amount etc.
In this same window, the buyer has to select a shipping option that is offered.

6. Before payment, you are obliged to agree to the terms and refund policy.

7. When person agrees to the terms and policies, it is possible to proceed to Shipping Info. There the shipping address will be specified and special comments can be added.

8. Next step is the revision of details and there is possible to choose the payment method. Also in this step the Shipping Info can be modified.