We craft equipment for dogs and mushing.

Each product is designed and crafted to perform the best in specific situations. They are tools that help you both excel! Choosing premium raw materials allows us to create beautiful and functional items.
We aim the balance of performance, longevity and price - a fair price to all parties.

Latest news

The curiosity to dog sports

The curiosity to develop, design and craft has led us to produce a variety of dog sport equipment which are developed in-house( in Jura, France), in co-operation with Lumac family and sled dog tourism businesses. Lumac family consists of racers, hobby athlethes, tour guides etc.
We have one of the biggest selection of different snow anchors in the world. Currently four different models which all are developed to be used in different conditions or situations.
In Scandinavia, our anchors are popular because they deliver the extra safety that many mushers wish for.

Lines for team sled dog sports, made by Lumac, are known for their attention to detail and high performance. We want a light, durable line that excels in all conditions - is it dry land mushing or on snow.
The full blue edition for Maren Leegaard (under)

Our everyday range of lines offers products for people who wish to spend time with their friend(s) but also has items to top level sportswoman and sportsman. With those bungee lines, we balance between comfort and light weight.

Even agility fans find from the Everyday range few leashes that are very warmly welcomed by some of the professional in the sport ! Handler Sling for big/working dogs and the Micro Sling for small dogs (around 10kg).

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