Big boy Norbig is designed to be THE hook for soft snow and big teams. It has pretty wild design to serve the purpose.

What makes this hook different is the HUGE shovel surface that the design offers.

The exaggerated pulling ears are designed to help you pull the hook out from snow. Lumac's original and protected design.

The tip geometry is unique to grab ice and drive the hook deeper to snow.

The shovel has unparalleled surface to push the hook deep to snow.

The handlebar is super strong to tolerate hard kicking. The handlebar is meant only for holding the hook or kicking it to snow/ice. For pulling the hook out of the snow you have rope attached to the "ears".

This anchor is the HIT in big team anchors and very well welcomed in Norwegian mushing scene.

Teams size - up to 16 dogs

Weight - 2,5kg

Made in Estonia