Foot Armour booties

Extreme booties - tough like armour.

Lumac Foot Armour  booties were developed to offer dogs feet high level of foot protection wherever they need it - bare ground training or hiking.
Made in Estonia from extreme fabric, patented and produced in EU.

The bootie is non-coated, letting the dog feet breath and dissipate heat.
Smooth and stretchy material offers the dog foot very comfortable feel, same time also protecting it from hot surfaces if needed.

They come in three different sizes : 
S - Orange - 88mm width inside - 12,5cm long
M -  Blue - 98mm width inside - 14cm long
L - Purple - 108mm width inside - 15,5cm long

The bootie is attached to dogs foot with 20mm elastic stretch velcro.

There may occur some shrinking.