nOring collar

Minimum weight - maximum comfort.

It all started once upon a time, when we tried to take away weight from our lines - to reduce line swing. We though about lighter necklines and lighter carabiners and then it hit us - the single dog disciplines don't have those details. What we noticed was the huge metal O-rings and metal hardware. There was our solution!
To reduce weight, we attacked the collar. Removed all the metal we could and save good 10 - 20 grams from dogs neck, therefore also reducing the swing in line system.

20grams is almost equal to the weight of a bronze carabiner!
It took a moment to understand how to attach the rope loop but we did it - with esthetics in mind !
nOring - No O-ring collar was born.
nOring collar is a pure racing collar - unbeatable weight with full functionality.

It is recommended to put the collar to the dog just for the race and change after. The rope loop does not have same wear resistance as iron - so it should be carefully monitored for wear.

25mm nylon webbing
Polyester rope
Black metal tri-glide
Sewn with V92 thread
Fits medium-big dogs
One color combination for the moment