Terra for all trail lovers, everyday cruisers, forest walkers and people who like a bungee line with HANDLE!

We had Terra in development from same time as Helium series lines and Terra's original ideas was to be a canitrail line but it has been so versatile, that people have used it all around.

Terra features a PADDED HANDLE and same elastics as Helium series lines.

The handle of course is super minimal - not to add much weight to dog side - its a 3-4 finger grab, that still offers comfort when you need to control the dog. By wrapping the handle around the line, we ensure it does not bounce around but what makes is truly special - it stays "open" all the time, even when the line is pulled by the dog.

We made the belt side loop a little bit more generous - from Helium 6cm to a whooping 8cm.

Terra line has small bronze carabiner attached.

Comes in two lengths :

 - approx. 2m extended - 1m at rest
 - approx. 1,25m extended - 75cm at rest
 - XS, S, M and L tensions.

Currently Black/Gray color.