Keski set

Keski set was developed specially for Hege Ingebrigtsen, dedicated to mid-distance mushers

Keski set sections are measured so that dogs have good space to move but having shorter tug lines than Wakev set.
Could be an option for very technical sprint races!

The wheel section is longer than team sections to move dogs further away from sled/cart.

Because of special ropes used, the elements are rather easy to de-connect from each other after use.

Dogs are placed so that the dog behind can not chew front dog tug lines!

Main line :
Diameter - 6mm
Color : Yellow/Black color only.
Material : Polyester/Dyneema
Computer controlled machine sewn loops.

Tuglines : 5mm
Color : Blue, Red, Black, Neon Yellow/black, Neon green/black, Yellow

Necklines : 4mm  Dyneema
Color :  Black

• Up to 14 dogs
• Necklines made of Dyneema
• Wheel tug lines - 1290mm
• Team tug lines - 940mm
• Necklines - 310 or 360mm

When ordering a section, you receive just the main line!

Prices doesn't include snaps.