Wakev set

Vesa-Pekka Lehtomäki signature line set.

We re-designed Wakev set dimensions with V-P in 2019 and refined it more in 2020 to make it even better. It is dedicated to sprint mushers. Spacious sections give a lot of room for the dogs to stretch on high speed.

Because of special ropes used, the elements are rather easy to de-connect from each other after use.

Wheel section is longer than team sections to move wheel dogs away from sled/cart.

Dogs are placed so that the dog behind can not chew front dog tug lines!

Main line :
Diameter - 6mm 
Color : Yellow/Black color only.
Material : Polyester/Dyneema
Computer controlled machine sewn loops.

Tuglines : 5mm
Color :  Blue, Red, Black, Neon Yellow/black, Neon green/black, Yellow

Necklines : 4mm  100% Dyneema
Color :  Black

• Up to 14 dogs
• Necklines made of Dyneema 
• Wheel tuglines - 1420mm
• Team tuglines - 1120mm
• Necklines - 310 or 360mm

When ordering a section, you receive just the main line!

Prices doesn't include snaps.