8 Feet

One line - 8 Feet

If you are the person who races two dogs but wants to use one bungee line, well here is our vision of the solution.

We made the splitter very light and simple, yet it helps a lot with tug line angle.  This products focuses most on dogs well fare and by that helps you to achieve more.
We also believe that when dogs power is used to pull straight and not fight the line angle, there is more total power which can be useful in 2 dog racing.
This specific model is design to fit the needs of:
2 dog scooter
2 dog bike
2 dog skiing

Features aluminium bar and 5mm polyester rope.
Spreader bar width - 12,8cm
Sewn with HD polyester thread.
Spreader bar 23gr maximum.
Total length 66-67cm.
100% hand made
Carabiners are not included(can be purchased separately)